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11 December 2013 @ 02:17 pm
Wrapped Around Your Finger  
Characters: Jack, Isolde, Zach
Words: 458
Summary: A tired Jack tries to kill two birds with one stone. Drabble.

Jack slowly pulled back the comforter with one hand, Zach’s tiny sleeping form cradled carefully in the crook of his other arm. The going was awkward but he managed to subtly wriggle his way under the covers without stirring Isolde who had most likely fallen back asleep sometime over the past two hours. He eyed her carefully for a moment before turning his attention back to Zach who was stretched out on top of his chest. Heavy lidded blue eyes blinked back at him and the tiny mouth let out a tiny little squeak of a yawn.

“There,” Jack muttered under his breath, somewhat annoyed. “Now we can both get some sleep you pernickety rascal.”

Zach yawned again and closed his eyes, his cheek rubbing against the soft cotton of his father’s bedclothes, quietly lulled to sleep by the gentle rise and fall of Jack’s breath and the warm and steady hand that rested reassuringly on his back.

Once several minutes past with no sign of a repeat of the past two hours Jack exhaled gratefully, quite ready to go back to sleep himself. He let his head sink down deeply into the feather pillow and turned his head to check one last time on his wife and promptly froze when steely grey eyes bore into his.


He held his breath. Perhaps she wouldn’t notice.

“Put him back in his crib.”

Jack suppressed a groan, not wanting to wake the baby. “He’ll wake up again,” he whined at her. She needed to understand how tired he was after walking the entirety of the house with an infant that couldn’t be assed to go back to sleep.

“You need to stop spoiling him,” Isolde hissed. “He’s got you wrapped around his finger.”

Jack knew her words were true but if he was to be honest he didn’t mind being wrapped around Zach’s tiny little finger. Sometimes it was a bit of a hassle but it was a hassle he could live with if it meant seeing that sweet little smile.


Isolde huffed, a frown creasing her brow and her lips forming into something akin to a pout. Yet something softened a little in her eyes when she looked upon her son once more. She brushed his chubby little cheek with the back of her finger briefly before sighing.

“Fine, but just for tonight.”

Thank you,” Jack whispered with exaggerated emphasis. Isolde rolled her eyes but shuffled forward regardless to press against his side, her head finding his shoulder. Exhaustion beginning to win over, Jack leaned over to press a kiss to her hair before he settled down to finally, finally, get some sleep.

“Just don’t roll over and squish him,” Isolde warned dryly.

Jack’s eyes shot open.
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Nostalchiquenostalchique on April 21st, 2014 11:56 pm (UTC)
Did I ever mention this is my fav because Jack is so neurotic.