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15 December 2013 @ 01:10 am
Do Not Shoot the Pianist  
Title: Do Not Shoot the Pianist
Characters: George, Zach
Words: 350
Summary: With no other choice George is forced to knock some sense into Zach.

Zach is playing the piano.

“We need to talk.”

The melody does not falter.


George hides sharp teeth behind the downward curl of his lips. His nails—claws—dig into his palms. He doesn’t want to fight.

“You know what Zachariah.”

Silence, in D minor.

Humour me George.”

The lid closes and Zach sits mockingly demure before the grand instrument, crystal-coloured eyes looking over his shoulder. They are deceptively bright, unerringly knowing and cold like winter. Fire blazes under his own skin in response, in his own eyes, igniting his resolve and his anger.

“I’ve been humouring you long enough.”

Zach shrugs his shoulders in nonchalance, turning around fully with his father’s playful grace. He is as dark as winter’s longest night and something wild and vicious lurks in the fine lines of his body. He’s all power and potential, the things that court lustily craves. They’ve nurtured it, reminiscent of the way Far Dorocha once forcibly dragged that darkness out of Zach’s broken, screaming body. Once poisoned, always the weaker for it.

George bites his cheek until it bleeds. They’ve had their claws in his little boy long enough, it is time to take him back.

He stalks forward until he stands before the seated lord. Zach studies him like a raptor, magic coiled up tight under his skin and there is so much of it. He may be stronger but George has more control and experience than this wee babe.

“I’m sorry.”

His hand, hot as fire, grabs Zach’s slender neck, ice cold in his grasp, and forcibly bashes his godchild’s head into the glossy black surface of the grand piano with enough force to kill someone lesser. The crack resonates through the room like thunder. Shocked eyes slide close, confused and betrayed. George is careful to catch Zach’s prone body, cradling him with loving care.

“It’s alright, I’ve got you,” he promises the way he did when Zach was little, lowering them both to the floor as his heart aches. He hates that it has come to this. “I won’t let them destroy you any more.”
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